WTF is a healthy hackathon?

A chance to build anything you want w/ teammates.

Doesn't matter how wild or crazy your idea is. Team up, let loose, build absolutely anything you want that's related to KA.

A chance to make, not just write code.

You don't have to be a coder! Hacking is making anything, not just coding. Quite frankly our past hackathons wouldn't have been half as fun if all corners of the company hadn't been such a big part.

A chance to work both hard and healthy.

We've carved out quite a bit of time for impressive hacks. And we've set things up a bit differently than most hackathons. You're not gonna walk away lacking sleep and full of 5 hour energy shots.


  1. Everyone who participates in the hackathon needs to be working on a project. You can work either individually or in a group, and you can work on multiple projects.
  2. The project should make Khan Academy (the organization) better in some way. Examples could be technological (what would happen if we rewrote webapp in Go?), cultural (painting a mural for the office) or teaching us something new about the world (how would users respond to real-time help?).
  3. Every project needs to be demoed. You need to demo at some point during the hackathon, even if it’s a brief description of what you did. Share what you learned with us and the organization becomes smarter, which is an end in itself.

If you'd prefer real quotes, ask anybody what the past hackathons were like. Or check the "Demo'd" and "Shipped" columns on our July 2016, February 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 Trello boards. Or read more here, here and here. We create a lot, quickly.

Monday 2/13

  • 11:00am: Kickoff.
    A quick ceremony, followed by crafts and lunch. Some folks will be running around trying to form teams, others will be immediately heads-down.
  • 11:30am: Arts & Crafts.
    Get your creativity flowing with some fun arts and crafts!
  • 12:30pm: Lunch.
    A delicious meal to get the hacking going.
  • 5:30pm: Dinner.
    Stick around for a healthy meal provided by KA.
  • 11:45pm: Everyone kicked out.
    Doors locked. Those who keep hacking after hours might have "unfortunate things" happen to them during the demo.

Tuesday 2/14

  • 9:30am: Doors reopen.
    Hack hack hack.
  • 12:30: Healthy lunch.
    Eat eat eat.
  • 3:00pm: Comic writing & superfoods.
    Some super-comic-writing with super Acai snacks to help you get in the spirit of the hackathon.
  • 5:30: Healthy dinner.
    Eat eat eat.
  • 11:45pm: Kicked out.
    Sleep sleep sleep.

Wednesday 2/15

  • 9:30am: Doors reopen.
    Hack hack hack.
  • 12:30: Healthy lunch.
    Chomp chomp chomp.
  • 5:30: Healthy dinner.
    Eat eat eat. Congratulations, you're halfway done! Give yourself a pat on the back (and then go back to hacking).
  • 6:00pm: Python Bee
    Ben Kraft will be hosting the ever-so-popular Python Bee in Digestion. Come show off your live coding skills!
  • 11:45pm: Kicked out.
    You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

Thursday 2/16

  • 9:30am: Doors reopen.
    Hack hack hack. Time to think about wrapping things up.
  • 12:30pm: Healthy lunch.
    Yum yum yum.
  • 4:00pm: Superhero olympics!
    Show off your super-athleticism with some olympic games!
  • 5:30pm: Healthy dinner.
    Yum yum yum.
  • 🎬 6:00pm: Movie night with the Incredibles! 🎬
    Take a break and relax while enjoying some light entertainent.
  • 11:45pm: Kicked out.
    Sleep sleep sleep.

Friday 2/17

  • 9:30am: Doors reopen.
    Hack hack hack. Remember that a good demo with an unfinished hack looks better than a bad demo with a working hack!
  • 11:00am: Pencils down.
    No more creating. Demo slides must be submitted by this point!.
  • 12:00pm: Healthy lunch.
    Let's face it, probably eating while frantically trying to get your demo working.
  • 12:00pm: Demos begin!
    Best part. Every team demos. Expect the whole thing to end sometime before midnight. (Just kidding! We're hoping to be done by 2pm so please keep your demos short and to the point.)
  • 1:30pm: Snacks
    Some final treats to send off our hackers!

Prepare to hack using this Trello board.